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Industrial prices

Posted by admin on September 28, 2012

Growth of industrial prices in Ukraine in September slows to 0.2%.

Industrial prices in Ukraine grew by 0.2% in September from August 2012, which saw a 0.5% rise compared to July 2012, according to the State Statistics Service.
The growth of industrial price in September 2012 from September 2011 also slowed – to 0.3% against a 1.4% year-over-year increase in August 2012 and in July 2012 each.
Industrial prices in January through September 2012 were 3.3% up, the statistics service said.
Prices in the production of natural resources, except for coal, crude oil and natural gas, were 0.6% up in September. In particular, ore producers posted a 0.7% increase in prices.
At the same time, prices of fossil fuels saw a 0.2% decline.
The prices of products in the processing industry last month rose by 0.6%. The highest increase in prices (0.7-1.9%) was seen in the production of fuel and articles made of rubber and plastic, as well as in chemical production and wood processing. At the same time, prices in the coking industry dropped by 0.5%.

Ukraine women

Posted by admin on October 14, 2011

Topless Ukraine activist grabs Euro soccer cup.

A Ukrainian women’s rights activist stripped to the waist and seized the Euro-2012 soccer trophy while it was on public display in Kiev on Saturday in a protest against the forthcoming month-long championship.
The young woman, 23-year-old Yulia Kovpachik, is a member of the Kiev-based Femen women’s rights group which believes the Euro-2012 soccer tournament being played in Ukraine next month will encourage sex tourism.
Kovpachik strode up to the silver, 60 centimetre (two feet) high trophy, which was on display as a tourist attraction in an open air exhibition in central Kiev, ostensibly to be photographed alongside it like hundreds of other sightseers.
But she then pulled down her red T-shirt to reveal the words “Fuck Euro 2012″ scrawled on her torso. As she grabbed hold of the cup with both hands, she was seized by security guards, who appeared to have had advanced warning of the protest.
They covered her with a sheet and took her off to a waiting police car.
The protest appeared to be the first action in a campaign against the championship by Femen which regularly stages bare-breast protests in Ukraine – and sometimes beyond – to highlight what it sees as political injustice, social abuse and the exploitation of women in Ukraine.
Femen says Euro-2012, which Ukraine is co-hosting with Poland next month with the final in Kiev on July 1, will be a magnet for sex tourists – one of the group’s main targets – and will feed a booming sex industry.
About one million foreign tourists are expected in Ukraine for the Euros.
Organisers said the 8 kg (17 lbs) Henri Delaunay cup was undamaged though Kovpachik appeared to topple back under its weight as security guards seized her. It was still on show in late evening.
Femen’s spokeswoman, Anna Gutsol, said Kovpachik, who staged the protest on her 23rd birthday, was released after being told she would have to appear in court on Monday on a charge of hooliganism. The charge carries a maximum fine of 800 hryvnias ($100) and 15 days detention.
Conscious of Ukraine’s growing reputation as a new destination for sex tourism, Euro-2012 organisers say they are taking steps to curb prostitution during the month-long tournament.
After Kovpachik’s protest, Femen activist Olexandra Shevchenko told reporters: “We came here today to stop this Euro fan low-life from making a bordello out of Ukraine.”
City authorities have mounted the trophy in a temporary exhibition area on Kiev’s Independence Square.
Hundreds of sightseers were queuing up under the blazing sun for souvenir photographs alongside it when Kovpachik staged her demonstration.
Independence Square itself will be the centre of a huge ‘fan-zone’ during Euro-2012, capable of holding tens of thousands of football supporters.
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